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本文摘要:It’s been about one year since John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, took the top job at the struggling phonemaker. Since then, he has embarked on a campaign to bring the company back to its roots and spark new innovations and partnerships where h

It’s been about one year since John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, took the top job at the struggling phonemaker. Since then, he has embarked on a campaign to bring the company back to its roots and spark new innovations and partnerships where he feels necessary—in short, to make BlackBerry relevant to business users again.程守宗接掌身陷困境的黑莓(BlackBerry)早已一年了。自从接掌CEO大权以来,他希望企图让黑莓新的重返“根基”,并且积极开展了一些他实在适当的创意与合作——总之,他要让企业用户新的认清黑莓的不存在。

To that end, this week in San Francisco Chen took the stage to make a number of announcements, including a recently-inked agreement with smartphone maker Samsung Electronics. According to the deal, both companies will sell each other’s mobile security products. (A true sign of the times: Chen joked with the audience about the fact his wife still uses a Samsung Galaxy phone.) The company also announced an updated BlackBerry Enterprise server, which will allow customers to more easily manage BlackBerries and devices made by other manufacturers.本着这一目的,程守宗上周末在旧金山同台宣告了几项根本性事务,还包括与三星电子集团(Samsung Electronics)刚签订的一项合作。根据这项协议,三星和黑莓皆将预售对方的移动安全性产品。

(一个可靠的迹象是,程守宗还当众接踵而来笑话称之为,他妻子现在依然在用一款三星Galaxy手机。)另外黑莓还发售了Ultra黑莓企业服务器(BlackBerry Enterprise),从而使用户可以更为便利地管理黑莓产品以及其他厂家的设备。Under Chen’s direction, BlackBerry’s losses are improving, but the company is still bleeding money and there is still plenty of cause for concern about its long-term prospects. Ahead of his announcements in San Francisco, Fortune caught up with Chen to hear more about his strategy—and Kim Kardashian.在程守宗的领导下,黑莓的亏损有所改善,但并没完全止痛,而且依然有不少主因笼罩着公司的长年前景。在他去旧金山之前,《财富》(Fortune)对程守宗展开了采访,听得他谈及自己的商业战略——以及名媛金卡戴珊。

Fortune: What does returning to BlackBerry’s roots mean to you today?《财富》:“返回黑莓的根基”在今天对你来说意味著什么?Chen: The overall returning to the roots is much beyond the device. The Classic [an upcoming BlackBerry device that will bring back its traditional trackpad] is an important part but it’s not the only part. Very early in my career here I talked about re-pivoting back to the enterprise. It implies not only the devices but also the enterprise using our software and server as the backbone. When BlackBerry was doing well almost everyone was running on BlackBerry enterprise server. When we lost our focus we lost quite a bit of traction and accounts. But the reason I went back to the Classic is that a tremendous number of customers want it.程守宗:从总体上说道,“返回黑莓的根基”所指的相比之下不只是硬件设备。Classic手机是一个最重要的部分,但并不是唯一的部分。(这部将要发售的设备将新的配备黑莓经典的触控板。)我在刚来黑莓的时候就讲过重回企业市场,它所指的不仅是设备,还包括那些将我们的软件和服务器作为运营中枢的企业。


In light of that “return to roots, ” how do you view innovation at BlackBerry? What role does it play today?从“返回根基”的角度,你怎样看来黑莓的创意?目前它扮演着了怎样的角色?The guiding principle of our development teams is that everybody is focused on the following pillars: security, privacy, productivity, and collaboration. We focus on all of those. For example, on BBM [BlackBerry Messenger] we just released the timed message feature—people call it the “Snapchat feature.” We allow people to retract messages, not just to recall them. The whole design center is really focused on security, privacy, productivity and collaboration. We’re not trying to compete on everything.我们研发团队的指导方针是,大家都要专心以下四大支柱:安全性、隐私性、效率和协作。我们同时注目这几点。比如我们刚在BBM【即黑莓通讯(BlackBerry Messenger)】上发售了定点消息功能,也有人叫它“阅后即焚毁”功能。


我们并不想在所有层面都要竞争一下。Winning back developers is another aspect of returning to BlackBerry’s roots. How are you feeling about status with developer ecosystem?新的夺得开发者的信赖是“返回黑莓根基”的另一个方面,你怎样看黑莓开发者生态系统的现状?There are only a handful of apps, like Facebook, that we build native. We are relying on our relationship with Amazon for the others. Everything that appears on Amazon’s app store you can run on BB10 [the latest version of BlackBerry’s operating system]. In doing so we free up our enterprise developer community to focus on developer platforms. On that front the re-pivoting is only six to nine months old since I came in. We have some good traction but still a lot of work to be done.目前黑莓平台只有Facebook等少数应用于是我们建构的原生应用于。我们正在依赖与亚马逊(Amazon)的关系取得其它应用于。